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First Aid Kits and Supplies

First Aid Kits and Supplies

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Rescue Bandage

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Brand: Rescue Bandage

Rescue Bandage TQ Inflatable Tourniquet is a unique life saving device, easy to use and highly effective – when time counts – Stop the Bleed.

With this Traumatic Injury device you will be ready to handle any emergency where blood loss is present, when everything fails the Rescue Bandage TQ will not.

Its compact design is perfect for 4×4, boating, mining, atv, construction and outdoor recreation – every first aid kit needs the Rescue Bandage!

“Why the Rescue Bandage is far superior over the standard bandage within a First Aid Kit”

In an emergency situation it is easy to feel overwhelmed, feelings of frustration, despair and sometimes just giving up.

Picture an accident in your workshop, home or sporting event where a person is bleeding dangerously from a traumatic wound – you are frantically searching through a first aid kit for gloves, scanning the packaging for correct wound dressing, trying to open the packaging and then attempt to apply direct pressure to the bleeding site. Holding pressure you then need to search for a compression bandage and with one hand start bandaging the roll, the bandage and dressing is slipping away from the wound and rapidly becoming saturated and ineffective.

This is why the Rescue Bandage TQ is the most effective product in your first aid kit – Stop the Bleed

Simply ‘Slide and wrap’ the Rescue Bandage around the limb above the bleeding wound, the Velcro Restraint secures the Rescue Bandage in place – as you pump the inflation bulb the bladder system compresses the underlying blood vessels to stop the bleed.

Fast – Convenient – Safe to use

This is one vital piece of first aid equipment that every first aid kit needs to allow you to take control in an bleeding emergency, the Rescue Bandage TQ.

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